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Contacting us has never been easier! If you don’t count using your phone for calls, that is! 🙂
If you are born sometime last century, you probably remember speaking to one person who told you about this other person, who knew this third person that you had to contact to see if they can come out on a given day and look at the issue?

Well, now you’ve found us, all you have to do to reach us is use this page!
Whether it’s a problem with your computer or you’d simply like to provide us with some feedback,
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In addition to that, If it’s an urgent issue, you can call us on 07826 55 87 33!

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Started in Southampton, back in 2011, we have already gained valuable experience and have dealt with a number of different clients.

Offering various services from home installations to website design, we have never disappointed our customers.

Our mission is to maintain a competitive way, continuing to provide a 5 star service.

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