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Whether you require help with a digital marketing campaign or your motherboard has failed, you have come to the right place. See the list of services below for more information.

Here are the areas of our areas of expertise:

Hardware repairs and upgrades: Computers, Laptops, Consoles and Mobile Phones. Do you need a screen replaced? Has your laptop stopped charging or is overheating? Or maybe it will not start at all?!?
Even if you’re missing a few keys from the keyboard, we can come out and fix the issues right away!

Software repairs: Operating System Recovery or Re-installation, Data Backup/Restore, etc. We support Windows, Linux and Mac OSX, Virus & Spyware Removal,

Home installations: Consultations, New hardware, Screen mounting and Office Installations. If you have a vision of a new office at home or in the work place, we can make it happen! Don’t hesitate and give us a call!

Website Design: Templates or Bespoke design. Whether you need a dynamic, bespoke website, a combination of both or a simple blog, we can tailor the correct solution.

Digital Marketing Campaigns: Business cards, A4/A3 Posters, A5/A6 Leaflets, Social Media. Don’t worry if you have a deadline coming up! We guarantee to meet it!


Last, but not least, we offer a Specialised WordPress course for beginners or advanced users. There is no better way to get involved in one of the most popular CMS platforms. Speaking a language you can understand, at, we can also accommodate for large groups of people. Contact us for more information!


Various deals and discounts available with a valid student card.


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Started in Southampton, back in 2011, we have already gained valuable experience and have dealt with a number of different clients.

Offering various services from home installations to website design, we have never disappointed our customers.

Our mission is to maintain a competitive way, continuing to provide a 5 star service.

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